• Jurnal Ekonomi

    JURNAL EKONOMI :: JE :: eISSN 2685-3264 pISSN 1412-0879

    JE is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal for the fields of development economics and macroeconomics. JE publishes regular research papers, original reviews, and short notes for communications. Emphasis is on applied empirical and analytical work, and theoretical papers with applications. There is no restriction on the length of the papers. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their research in as much detail as possible. Scope economic theory ; developing process ; sustainable growth ; national and international income distribution ; productivity developments ; macroeconomic policies ; sectors of economy: primary, secondary, and tertiary; or industrial sector and service sector ; financial ; operational ; supply chain ; human capital ; sustainability. JE is published by Narotama University, Indonesia. JE is a dual language (English or Bahasa), published twice in a year, June and December

  • Neutron

    :: NEUTRON :: Research from all areas of the Civil Engineering :: eISSN 2685-3272 pISSN 1412-0860

    NEUTRON is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal for the fields of the Civil Engineering. NEUTRON publishes papers in all areas of civil engineering. The journal welcomes submissions across a range of disciplines, and publishes both theoretical and practical studies. Contributions from academia and from industry are equally encouraged. Subject areas include (but are by no means limited to): Structural mechanics and engineering; Structural design and construction management; Structural analysis and computational mechanics; Construction technology and implementation; Construction materials design and engineering; Highway and transport engineering; Bridge and tunnel engineering; Municipal and urban engineering; Coastal, harbour and offshore engineering; Geotechnical and earthquake engineering; Engineering for water, waste, energy, and environmental applications; Hydraulic engineering and fluid mechanics; Surveying, monitoring, and control systems in construction; Health and safety in a civil engineering. NEUTRON also publishes focused review articles that examine the state of the art, identify emerging trends, and suggest future directions for developing fields. NEUTRON published twice in a year, January and July

  • Jurnal Kinerja

    Jurnal Kinerja published by Accounting Study Program, Narotama University Surabaya. It is intended to accommodate scientific works in the form of studies and research in the fields of accounting, finance and taxes. The Jurnal Kinerja is published twice a year in May and November. Every scientific work sent to the Jurnal Kinerja  will be reviewed which is in line with Double Blind Review. The Jurnal Kinerja  will continue to experience design improvements to perfect this journal to conform to the applicable regulations.

  • Legal Justice

    Legal Justice publishes research on various topics, national laws and international law, including analysis of laws and judges' decisions. The journal has published some of the most popular and popular articles in this field. This is an invaluable resource for academics and also interested in current analysis of current legal issuesThe journal is published by Law Faculty Narotama University Surabaya.

  • Jurnal Ilmu Hukum

    Jurnal Ilmu Hukum, is a journal published by the Narotama University. This journal is published twice a year, March and September. Jurnal Ilmu Hukum is a journal that accommodates several articles on the study of law and justice, especially the orientation of legal science and research which covers several areas of related legal sciences such as legal objects, legal and judicial bodies, and law enforcement that are spotted from several disciplinary perspectives . It is expected that the publication of the Journal of Media Law and Justice will add to the scientific repertoire of the study of law and justice